About us

About Us - Embracing Nature's Bounty at The Croft

Situated on the stunning East Coast of Caithness, The Croft isn't just a farm; it's our way of connecting deeply with the land and embracing regenerative agriculture. Here we respect nature's rhythms and treasure its riches while nurturing rare breeds and practicing sustainability.

Our Highland Haven

The Croft, established in 1972 by Julie and Iain Crowe, stands as a cherished family legacy that continues to flourish under the loving care of Julie and Iains daughter, Sally. Iain, and the newest member of our farming family, young William make up our small.  Here on this small patch of paradise on the East Coast of Caithness, we raise rare breed Irish Moiled cattle and hardy Hill Cheviot sheep. 

These animals aren't just livestock; they symbolize our commitment to preserving these breeds and capitalizing on their innate qualities. These breeds are uniquely adapted to Caithness's challenging environment, thriving without excessive intervention.

Our animals flourish through rotational grazing on lush pastures, a practice that allows nature to flourish through short grazing periods and long rest times, helping to build up the diverse ecosystem we are proud of.

Regenerative Harmony

Regenerative agriculture isn't just a technique – it's our way of life. We work with nature, not against it. Our sustainable farming methods enrich the soil, boost biodiversity, and foster a resilient ecosystem. This harmony takes, but it also gives back, maintaining a balanced cycle of life on The Croft.

From Our Fields to Your Table

Our journey spans from fields to tables. Our venture into the direct sales marketplace began with selling beef and lamb locally, it is now a core pillar of our business. Given our location, we currently focus on serving our local community. We offer carefully selected cuts of beef and lamb packaged in bulk boxes, bringing our land's essence, care, and stories right to your doorstep.

Nurturing Farming Families

At The Croft, our care encompasses both land and people. Our farm isn't just for livestock – it's for our family, Sally, William and Iain.  Through our products, courses, and shared experiences, we extend our hand in friendship, fostering a community where we grow together.

 As we embrace regenerative agriculture more deeply, we understand the value of community. Our products aren't just items and courses – they're tools for your journey to a joyful farming life. With each product, we aim to play a small role in cultivating happiness and fulfilment in your farming journey.


With heartfelt gratitude,


Sally Crowe

The Croft