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Farm emergency planner

Farm emergency planner

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Your busy farm life just got a whole lot simpler.

Imagine having every crucial piece of your farm and personal information right at your fingertips, all in one neat and easy to find place. No more franticly going through random piles of papers, no more struggling to remember those elusive passwords when you need them most.

Our Farm Emergency Planner booklet is the tool you need to make your farm paperwork a whole lot easier. It's designed to streamline your farm management, ensuring that every detail is organized and accessible with ease.

Organized for Your Convenience: The Farm Emergency Planner is divided into easy-to-use, simply set out sections.  From farm details, advisors, and insurance to finances, personal information, and more – each section is carefully thought out to keep you in control.

Physical Description: This planner is A4 size with 44 pages to record all your information. Its practical design and logical layout make sure that there is plenty space to write all of your farm information, which makes it easy to read, even if you cant find your glasses to read it with. 

And here's where it gets even more valuable: In the event of an unexpected emergency or the unfortunate passing of a loved one, the Farm Emergency Planner is there with all the details written.  It ensures that everything your family, advisors, and successors need is easily accessible, allowing them to work through a challenging time with clarity and efficiency.


With the Farm Emergency Planner, it's like having a trusty co-pilot that keeps everything together, ready to assist you whenever you need it most.

As a family we have had need of something like this. When my mam, Julie, suddenly became very ill though a brain tumour, something like this would have made my life hugely less stressful. 

Its one of the reason I wrote it. to help your families if the worst should ever happen. 

Planner Reviews:

'Sally’s brilliant Emergency Planner. This wee book is just perfect and it’s made me pull together everything that would be needed if I was not here to keep on top of things. It took a few nights writing up all the info and it even saved time when looking for our wool board number as it’s all in the book. A simple but great idea. Got it stored in designated cupboard so our son who already been on at me about getting all this info written down can refer to the records anytime he needs to.' Ann, Caithness

'What a fantastic idea! This handy planner just about sums up the content of everything I manage in the farm office. I often wonder how someone else would manage in I was unable for any reason. User friendly, looks great, adequate space and covers both UK and RoI. I will be using this during renewal of policies and schemes as all of the detail is at my fingertips. Not only that but it’s peace of mind should someone else need to take over.'  Gillian, Glenavey

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