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lamb box

lamb box

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 please note new season lamb is not sold out for the year.

It is only available in Autumn time.
Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates as to when our spring hogget and mutton will be available. 

For now you can have a read and think about what great lamb is to come next year. 



Introducing our premium New Season Lamb Boxes – a celebration of local produce.  Born and reared on our croft, where regenerative principles guide our practices, these lamb boxes offer you a taste of nature's finest. With a focus on quality and sustainability, we're excited to present three options to suit your freezer size:

 Each box contains a selections of rolled shoulder roasts, gigot roasts, loin chops, gigot chops, mince or burgers, and lamb shanks (depending on size of box). 

  1. Whole Lamb Box (Approx. 20kg):

  Discover a variety of cuts with our Whole Lamb Box, offering a wide variety of cooking options. Butchered to perfection, it includes a selection of rolled shoulder roasts, gigot roasts, loin chops, gigot chops, succulent lamb shanks, tender mince or tasty burgers. With a generous 20kg assortment, this box is perfect for families, gatherings, or dedicated food enthusiasts.


  1. Half Lamb Box (Approx. 10kg):

   Indulge in the Half Lamb Box, a good sized option for those seeking variety but with limited freezer space. Containing the same quality cuts as the whole lamb, this box delivers approximately 10kg of premium Lamb. A mix of rolled shoulder, gigot roast, loin chops, gigot chops and mince or burgers. Ideal for smaller households or those looking to savour tasty lamb in moderate quantities.


  1. Quarter Lamb Box (Approx. 5kg):

  Our Quarter Lamb Box is thoughtfully designed to provide a touch of luxury in a conveniently sized package. It's perfect for those curious about lamb boxes without a larger commitment. Weighing around 5kg, it contains the same cuts of the larger boxes- rolled shoulder, gigot roasts, loin chops, gigot chops and mince or burgers. This option is tailor-made for those who love local produce, but in more manageable sizes.


       4. Our new Taster boxes

  This is our new product for this season. If you are not sure about lamb, or dont have the freezer space for a larger box, our Taster boxes are ideal for you. 
Each box contains a roast, either a rolled shoulder or gigot roast, a mix of loin and gigot chops and either some mince or burgers. 
It will allow you to enjoy local, seasonal produce but in a manageable sized box. 

What Sets Our Lamb Apart:

Our lamb stands out for its great taste and quality. Raised on our regenerative croft, our pasture-fed lambs are nurtured with care and allowed to thrive in their natural environment. The result is slow-grown, tender meat that embodies the essence of our sustainable practices.


Why Choose Our Lamb Boxes:

- Premium Quality: Our selection of cuts ensures a range of textures and flavours for every palate. We talk regularly with our butcher to offer the very best cuts from our lambs.

- Sustainable Sourcing: Guided by regenerative principles, our croft nurtures both the land and the animals for a harmonious ecosystem, where both livestock and nature thrive.

- Versatile Options: From succulent roasts to delicious chops and versatile mince, our lamb suits everyone’s cooking styles.


Collection and Delivery


We're pleased to offer you the convenience of choice – whether you prefer to collect your lamb box or enjoy the ease of local delivery.

Please note that our delivery and collection days are coordinated with our butcher's availability, ensuring the freshest cuts and optimal service. After placing your order, we'll be in touch to schedule a day and time that aligns with our butcher's schedule, guaranteeing that your New Season Lamb Box reaches you at its absolute best.


Feel free to reach out if you're interested in delivery to areas outwith 50miles from the Croft. Typically, we can accommodate one delivery per season south of Helmsdale.  Your inquiries are always welcome! 

When you place an order can you either email us or drop me a message on Facebook ( @myweecroftie) so we can keep in touch for deliveries. 

Kindly note that, due to our remote location, we regretfully cannot accommodate postal sales at this time.

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