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Lambing Journal

Lambing Journal

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Lambing journal for smallholders, crofters and farmers

Keep all your flock records organised and in one place with our new Lambing journal, designed specifically for smallholders, crofters and farmers with small flocks. 

 our journal includes everything you need to keep track of your flock, and meet all current legislation on medicine and movement recording. the journals have sections for:

- Individual sheep records. 4 pages per sheep to record everything you need, and more. 

- Medicine log. Individual and flock records.

- Lambing records: Document every aspect of the each ewes lambing. With sections to record milkiness, mothering ability and lambing ease. 

- Flock movements.

- Lambing supplies checklist: Be fully prepared with a checklist of supplies needed for a successful lambing season.

- Notes section: Includes blank pages for additional notes, observations, and reminders.


Our Lambing Journal is the easy way to ensure all your essential flock records are kept in one convenient place, making it an indispensable tool for managing a small flock effectively and efficiently.

plus it looks good too, everyone loves a nice journal. 

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