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Weekly desk planner

Weekly desk planner

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Introducing the weekly desk planner.

Stay on top of your tasks, appointments, and goals with our Weekly Desk Planner, designed to streamline your schedule and boost your productivity. With 50 sheets, one for each week of the year, minus 2 weeks holidays, this planner is your ultimate companion for staying organised and focused week after week.


1. Weekly layout: Each sheet is dedicated to a single week, providing ample space to jot down your daily to-dos, appointments, and priorities. With sections for each day of the week, you can plan and organise your schedule with ease.

2. To-do section: Never miss a task with our dedicated to-do section for each week. Prioritise your tasks and check them off as you go, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

3. Ample space for notes: Whether it's project ideas, important reminders, or inspirational quotes, our planner offers plenty of space for all your notes and thoughts. Keep everything in one convenient place to stay focused and motivated throughout the week.

4. Calm colours: Designed in soothing, calming colours, our planner provides a serene backdrop for your busy schedule. Let the peaceful hues inspire your productivity and create a tranquil workspace wherever you go.

6. Year-long planning: With 50 sheets, our planner covers a full year, minus a couple of weeks for holidays, allowing you to plan ahead and stay organised for all your upcoming events, deadlines, and goals.

Why choose our weekly desk planner?

- Effortless organisation: Simplify your life and streamline your schedule with our easy-to-use planner.

- Boost productivity: Stay focused and on track with your goals by planning your week in advance and prioritizing tasks effectively.

- Enhanced efficiency: Maximise your time and minimise stress by having all your appointments, to-dos, and notes in one centralised location.

Make every week count with our Weekly Desk Planner – your key to a year of organized productivity. Order yours today and take the first step towards a more efficient and balanced life!
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